4TB LaCie Rugged...

4TB LaCie Rugged...

 315.00 ex.vat |  381.15 inc.vat

Memory:  4TB  (2 x 2TB 5400RPM RAID)

Input: USB-C (compatible with USB3 & Thunderbolt3)

Max data speeds: 14.5GB/min

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The LaCie Rugged RAID USB-C hard drives are the fastest portable HDDs on the market, so even if you go off-road, your project stays on time. Thanks to it's rugged build and blindingly-fast speeds, you don’t have to compromise between durability, mobility, capacity and speed. The Lacie Rugged RAID offers whopping transfer rates of 250MB/s (14.5GB / min) and has an IP54 rating meaning it is resistant to dust and water, can survive a drop of 4ft (1.2m) and could even be driven over by a 1 ton car.

Connect through your USB-C port, Thunderbolt3 port or through the USB3 port on older machines via an included USB-C to USB-A cable. The Rugged RAID 4TB even has a built in SD card reader.

All products on MediaDrives.ie come with at least a 3 year warranty as standard. This particular model carries a 3 year warranty.

*1.2m drop on a carpeted concrete floor with rugged bumper

Kit Contents:

  • Lacie Rugged RAID USB-C hard drive
  • USB-C Cable (also compatible with Thunderbolt3 ports)
  • USB-C to USB-A Cable (for backwards compatibility with USB3)
  • 3 Year factory warranty

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